A profile of a 3 year old.


Happy 3rd Birthday Hannah!!!

A Profile of Hannah at 3 years old

Favourite activitiesJumping on the trampoline, drawing, puzzles

Favourite nursery rhyme – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Favourite song – Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine

Favourite book – Where is the green sheep?

Favourite thing to do at the park –  The swing. You will stay on the swing as long as you possibly can.

Favourite TV showFunniest Home Videos

Favourite kids showPlayschool

Favourite Food Tomato sauce… it goes on EVERYTHING!

Favourite toyYour dolls. You love, changing them, breastfeeding them, holding them, comforting them.

Your best friendBlake 😉

Some funny things you have said over the last few months –

“The moon looks like a nana (banana).” (looking at the cresent moon 04/11)

Hannah watches Blake have some Panadol then exclaims, “I need some
medicine! Hannah sick.” Brian asks her whats wrong and she says she is
coughing. Brian says he didn’t hear any coughing so she covers her mouth and
lets out a few ‘coughs’ and says again, “I need medicine!” LOL she is
a hypocondriac that one!!!!  30/05/11

“My poo-poo looks like a nana (banana). Look at the big nana mummy”  31/05/11

“Apple pie is yummy” (talking about pineapple! 18/06/11)

“Hi daddy! You good? I missed you today!” (to Brian when he came home from work 20/06/11)

Shaking head and murmuring “I just cannot believe this!” as she presses the buttons on the remote in front of the tv. 5/07/11

“It’s alright mate” – (talking to Blake 08/08/11)

“Me: What is your dolly’s name?

H: I don’t know.

Me: Why don’t you know?

H: I don’t know! She doesn’t talk yet, she’s too little.” (15/08/11)

In the car, “Mummy,  the flowers are dancing. Look, the trees are dancing!” (It was windy 20/08/11)

Yes, everyone told us you would grow so fast;  that the first years would disappear in the blink of an eye, and they were right. All those days where I looked forward to you having a conversation with me and hearing your thoughts on the world, the days where I wished you were toilet trained so I wouldn’t have to change another nappy, the days where I wanted you to be able to show us all your love and affection in the form of words and cuddles… well those days are here!

You make me smile every day as I see the world anew through your eyes. Just recently you described the trees and flowers as ‘dancing’ in the wind. I love your curiosity with words, letters and numbers. It is a natural step you have taken and I delight in guiding you in your first academic learning. I was even surprised to hear you begin asking lots of ‘why’ questions in the past week and I know the coming year is going to be as fascinating for you as it will be for me. I look forward to being there to support you, to guide you and, most of all, to love you as we adventure together through your 3rd year. I love you baby girl… happy birthday xx


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