A Bubble Party


We celebrated H’s 3rd Birthday last Saturday. I had planned a bubble party theme as she LOVES bubbles at the moment. So because a picture tells a thousand words, here is a small photo essay of Hannah’s big day. We had bubbles of fun!

The Cake Table –

The Birthday Cake –

Cupcakes –

Rice Bubble Cake –

Orange and Pink Biscuits –

Bubble Wand Party Favours in the theme colours –

Hannah enjoying the bubbles –

Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ –

Blowing out the candles (her favourite part!) –

My gorgeous girl, she looks all grown up! –

The inside of the cake, pink and orange –

Blake all tuckered out –

One of the activities we had set up, Bubble Painting –

Our little family 🙂 –

I tried to tie the bubble theme together by making most foods circle shaped such as the biscuits, ham and cheese pastry rolls, chicken and salad wraps and mini quiches. And of-course the orange and pink theme colours brought it all together. It was a lovely way to celebrate my little girls big day :)!


I love to hear your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment :)

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