~ Goals for 2012 ~


I often write a personal list of resolutions for an upcoming year. I thought a good way to keep myself accountable for 2012 would be to share my goals here and the following are my personal goals that I want to achieve for myself. I always strive to be a better mother, wife, daughter and friend but this list; this list is just for me.

365 Project 2012

I have been inspired to dedicate my time to this goal by the amazing Georgia at Gregarious Peach. She completed a fabulous 365 Project in 2010 for each of her children. Yes, AMAZING! Check out her blog on why you need to do this fabulous project and why you don’t need to be a professional photographer to do it. Another wonderful friend of mine also completed this project in 2010 for each of her children with a point and shoot basic camera. Seeing her fall in love with photography through the year as she learnt how to use her camera (and in the end buying a new one) was heartwarming.

So…. this is a big commitment, both in time and energy and my reasons for wanting to commit to this big project are twofold. Firstly, this appeals to my sentimental side. Did I ever tell you that I came to Australia as a refugee with my parents and brother at the age of 9? That meant that I have barely any photos/toys/photos/books/photos/clothes and did I mention photos…. of my childhood. So I am over-compensating for my children, I admit it. I have so many photos on my computer and printed that are not even in albums, argh…. anyway that is another post unto itself. I want to preserve my memories of my children. I want to be able to share their childhoods with them all over again when they’re too old to sit in my lap. I want to be able to remember every little quirk, every little smile and every little cuddle with my two little kiddies.

The second reason for the project is because I love photography. I want to nurture that passion more in 2012. I really enjoy it, it is a creative outlet for me and I want to keep improving. I think next year will be a good time for me to pursue this hobby in more depth. I hope I still enjoy taking photos on day 366 (it’s a leap year next year)!!! I have been thinking about some special things I can do during the year to tie in with the project so there will be a few sweet suprises in store.

Hubby also bought me this gorgeous notebook for my birthday from kikki.K and I plan to use it to record daily thoughts and reminders of what I am grateful for throughout the year.

Learn to Sew

Honestly, I can’t believe I am commiting myself to this next year…. Those who know me well will be suprised too! I was only bad at 2 subjects in high school, maths and home-ec… Home-ec being the subject where you learn to cook and sew. I nearly failed the sewing semester. I had to complete a simple cushion and I barely passed. I believe I recieved a C- and now, more than 10 years later I want to place my hands near a sewing machine once again! Why? I blame it on Facebook and Pinterest.

The amount of beautiful homemade, handmade items that clog my newsfeed each day on Facebook and that fill my imaginery pinboards on Pinterest is what is enticing me to sew. Surely now that I am finally using cloth nappies, sewing is the last hippy frontier? Once I learn to sew I guess there will be no going back, I won’t have any excuse not to create those gorgeous dresses for Hannah or those adorable overalls for Blake……hmmm, maybe I am getting ahead of myself.

My goal for next year is to sew AT LEAST one handmade piece by myself using a sewing machine (see, I don’t have a sewing machine, I plan to make use of the one my best friend owns….seeing as we’re living together now (more on that in a future post)) preferably something functional as well as beautiful! Eeek! Watch this space 🙂

Complete Childbirth Educator Course

If you don’t know it already I am an out and proud birth junkie 🙂 I loved giving birth, I love researching and learning about birth and I loooooove talking about birth. I used to run an Active Birth Preparation thread on a parenting website and I gained a lot of satisfaction from sharing my knowledge with the other women in the group. I decided that I would love to gain some qualifications in the birth field and began a Childbirth Educator course through CBI earlier this year. I have barely managed to even flick through my books this year but hopefully by the end of 2012 I will have completed the course. However, I have also decided to accept the offer for the midwifery degree this week so I will  be studying part-time again next year. I hope I somehow get time to do both!!!

Here’s to 2012!!!


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  1. Good luck Andi with your resolutions Andi! I love seeing your photography and look forward to a whole year of Blake and Hannah. And sewing is easy, get yourself a basic machine and you’ll be whipping up all sorts of gorgeous things in no time. Let me know if you want some websites where you can get free patterns for kids and I’ll dig them up. I am *thinking* about the 365 day project myself, I love the idea, just not sure I’ll keep up with it, I’ve got so many things on the go! xx

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Pam!

      Glad to hear you think sewng is easy! I hope I find it easier this time around! I was actually planning to contact you for some tips and webistes as I know you did a whole heap of projects for E’s nursery that were really cute.

      I couldn’t have done the 365 last year. I knew I needed to be fully commited to doing it so I waited till this year and I’m glad I did. Maybe you could start by commiting to the January photo-a-day? I did that last year and it is special to have a whole month in pictures captured :).


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