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Brian bought an inflatable boat through our credit card points in preperation for our camping trip next month and today we took it out for the first time.

You were both a little hesitant to jump in but loved it when we got going. It was nice to spend some time out in the sunshine after all the rain we have had over the last week.

The last time you were on a boat was when we went whale watching. Unfortunately you and I spent most of our time huddled over a paper bag because of the rough weather. So I understood when you were a little unsure about getting into the boat. After a quick chat and a confirmation that we would go slowly you jumped in and enjoyed the ride.

You wouldn’t move from your position in Daddy’s lap – even though it was hard for Daddy to row – and you loved watching the pelicans and seagulls fly around the water. I think you will get more and more confident about being in the boat the more we use it so I am glad today was a rather sedate ride :).

I also couldn’t resist sharing the following series of photos with you even though they were taken through the dirty glass sliding door!




The joy, the cuddles, the delight, the wonder, the dreams… that is my every day.

This is Blake running away from Hannah’s adoring kisses…

Tonight, before bed, you told me that one day when you grow up you will grow wings and fly through the sky like a bird. One day, baby girl, I’m sure you will. I hope you flew through your dreams tonight.

The look of joy on your face as you watched your sister bounce up and down today was priceless. I love that you find absolute delight in being with her and learning from her. One day you will be able to bounce on the trampoline too!



At Grandma and Grandpa’s house you said you were tired.  Next thing I know, your eyes are closed and you are snoring away. I guess you were just a wee bit tired.

Whenever Grandma is cooking dinner you love to sit, nibble and watch her at work. I love that you love being with her and sharing that time with her. It makes for special memories.



I wasn’t feeling the best today so all my photos were taken from my ‘resting’ position on the couch :).

I asked Blake to give Hannah a kiss in the hopes of capturing a cute moment between them since Hannah was completely enthralled with the TV show she was watching. Blake just gave me this cheeky smile instead. Ah, some days I just have to be happy with whatever I get!

I don’t think you are feeling the best today either Hannah, you certainly weren’t being your chirpy self. This is the view I have of you from where I sit. Your little button nose that I remember marveling at when you were just a baby and your beautiful bow lips. Your olive skin and long eyelashes. In profile you are perfect sweet girl.

Your little face looking out at the rain covered patio was full of longing to get out and run around and play. But I noticed your ears when I was taking the photo and decided to focus on them instead. I remembered a moment a long time ago when your Daddy and I were talking about our future babies before either your sister ofr you were born and saying, “At least they will all have small ears since we do!” And we were right ;)!



Today was just a normal day at home and I was feeling really uninspired about what to photograph for our daily pics. Just as I was thinking about this Blake wanted a feed and I remembered that I was talking to a friend earlier in the week about how she had very few photos of her time breastfeeding her daughter and that she wished she had taken more. So I took the opportunity to get Brian to take a few photos. He did a pretty good job!

After feeling like such a faliure and being really disappointed with my experience breastfeeding Hannah I am totally thrilled that Blake is still feeding at almost 16 months old. My first goal was to make it to 2 weeks, and then 6 weeks and I knew if we were still feeding at 12 weeks I would be confident that we could continue long-term. When we made the 6 month milestone I was so happy. I used a nipple shield for almost 5 months and fed Blake on demand. I had oversupply so he often vommited milk and I had to feed him in a really uncomfortable lying-down-on-my-back-position to limit how much milk was coming in at the beginning of the feed. There were certainly challenges. The benefits are immense though.

I absolutely love breastfeeding Blake and I am so proud of myself that I had been so determined to do it this time, to give it a red hot go and not listen to naysayers. I knew this was what I wanted for my baby, I knew this was worth my time and effort and I knew it would get easier and easier as time went on.

I don’t know how long Blake will feed for. I have no desire to wean him and he is still feeding on demand (sometimes 15 times in 24 hours, and sometimes as little as 5) so we will see what happens. I also have no issue breastfeeding in public or sharing photos like this with others. I shared photos of Hannah feeding from her bottle when she was little and I truly see this as the same thing. After all, they are both just feeding and that is what babies do :).

My mum suggested that my sister, Hannah, her and I go out for dinner on a ‘Girls Night’ while she was on holidays from work. Tonight was the night and when Hannah and I got ready to go out she was so excited to wear her gumboots in the rain! We had a lovely time, it was so nice to spend one-on-one time with just Hannah. She delighted in being a ‘big girl’ and being the centre of attention for the night. We’ll definately be doing it again very soon :).



Happy Australia Day everyone! Even though we had a low key day today throwing a few snags on the barbie at my parents house (;)) I still took time to think about what living in this beautful country means to me.

I feel very grateful that my parents decided to leave their war-torn homeland and head to a place they had only read about in books. A magical island where people lived in peace and where they could save enough money to return to Croatia and raise their children. Thankfully, they loved Australia so much that we never left. I have had so many amazing opportunities by living here. I doubt I would have graduated from Univeristy if we still lived in Croatia and I definately don’t think Brian and I would have been able to buy two properties if I had grown up in my home town. Obviously I wouldn’t have met Brian either, or had my two beautiful babies…

Australia, I have a lot to thank you for, you have blessed me more than you know.

You learnt to swing by yourself a few weeks ago but this is the first time I’ve been able to capture you actually doing it. You love that you now have the freedom to hop onto a swing and begin flying through the air completely independantly of us. You make me so proud Hannah and P.S. I love your toes xx

Yesterday I posted a photo of you falling asleep and today I thought I would try to capture you napping. Every little part of me wants to wake you from your slumber and smother you with kisses when I see you sleeping like this, even though my logical mind tells me to step away and let you sleep! But oh, that precious little mouth of yours is just too adorable…



I didn’t pick my camera up until after 4pm today and I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to capture any special memories… but as this project has shown me, there is delight everywhere… as long as I’m open to seeing it! (and I have my camera handy ;))

Today we bought Hannah and Blake new car seats and Brian let them play in the car while he installed them. Almost as soon as I got my camera out to take a photo of the kids in their new seats they decided to give each other a cuddle. Too sweet!

Daddy made yummy Spaghetti Carbonara for dinner tonight and after picking through it for a bit you decided you wanted some cereal for dinner. You had two serves and then decided to drink the milk from the bowl. Cheeky!

Sometimes when you won’t feed to sleep, Daddy carries you like this and walks you until you fall into a deep slumber. You make my heart melt sleepy boy.