A new year has begun. Welcome 2012.

As I said in my previous post I have decided to become part of the Documenting Delight revolution this year. I will be taking (at least) one delightful photo every day of this year to remind myself what is beautiful and amazing about my life. Here are today’s photographs –

They delight in their world and I delight in seeing the world through their eyes. My babies, my delight.

Hannah, you have always loved the swing, and now that you’re learning how to swing yourself, you love it even more. You ask to go to the park every day and it’s lucky it’s just across the road because you absolutely delight in the swing. I look forward to seeing you learn more and more new things this year baby girl, I love you xx

My little boy, not so little anymore. I am sure you will change so much over the coming year Blake, but I love you so much right now just the way you are. I know the world seems like a big, scary place but daddy and I are here. We’re here to give you freedom when you seek it and to hold you close when you need to feel secure. Enjoy your world this year Blake, we are right beside you. xx

My first entry into my Grateful Journal. Today I am grateful for a new year, a fresh start and new beginnings. Happy New Year!

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  1. Go Andi! Not one, but four photos! I love the first photo, to get both kids in the same frame, same position – that’s quite an achievement 🙂
    Your Kikki K book looks beautiful!
    Keep up the awesome work 🙂

    • Thanks Amber 🙂 I have set high standards for myself and decided to take a photo of each child every day like you did in 2010. I am also going to try and get as many photos of them 2 together as I can. We’ll see how I go!


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