Pretty happy with myself at the moment. Managed to get three photos of the kids again today. I’ve decided to commit to capturing a photo of each of the kids every day and also to try to get as many of them together as I can. Nothing like upping the stakes hey?!!

Kids are the cutest. They were absolutely starving after a swim at the lagoon and were munching on cherries and grapes. The simple pleasures in life are often the best.

Hannah, you make me laugh. When I ask you why your fingers look so funny you tell me very seriously that it is because you have sprinkles, that you hands are sprinkley when they have been in water for a long time. I tell you they’re wrinkles and you say, yes mum, sprinkles ;).

Look at you baby. Delighting in eating your ice-cream like every one else, you have such a beautiful smile. I adore you, you are delicious.


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    • You’re right, I didn’t even see that his shirt wasn’t messy! He didn’t eat much ice-cream to be honest we sort of gave the cone to him at the end, but he is quite a neat eater actually!

      Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

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