Today was Brian’s 27th Birthday. We went searching for the perfect camping tent and then came home for a BBQ at the park in the afternoon. Here are some photos of my babies with their favourite person in the world –

This morning, Hannah and Blake helped Daddy open his presents. Hannah was very excited to give him the card we had made especially for his Birthday.

Hannah, you love nothing more than spending time with your Daddy. You love going shopping together, to the park and riding on your bikes together. He is there to hold you on his shoulders when your legs are too tired towalk and to cuddle you when you fall asleep at night. He is your friend, your protector and your guide. You adore him more than even he knows.

Blake, you save your special smiles for Daddy when he comes home from work. You love when he plays silly games with you on the floor, and lets you climb all over him like the little monkey you are. Your bond was slow to form because you only wanted your mummy when you were a newborn and cried whenever anyone else held you. But you slowly came around and now your Daddy is sometimes the only person who can settle you to sleep. I know you idolise him, he is perfect in your eyes and I know you are perfect in his.

I am so grateful for my husband. He is not only an amazing partner and person but he is a ridiculously good father. He really is a family man. I couldn’t have wished for a better role model for my children. He has achieved so much in his life so far, and I am so proud of him. Love you babe, happy birthday xx


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  1. Awesome, what beautiful photos to commemorate a birthday.
    I agree with Angie, those are some cute kiddos!
    I hope there was lots of cake for everyone in the family. x

  2. Fathers and sons do really idolize each other. My son shouts ‘DADDY!’ whenever he hurts himself.

    What a great day to be able to capture on this project :)!

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