Today we went to the shops for some breakfast and post-christmas sales shopping. I decided to bring my camera along and I am so glad I did. Captured some moments that would easily have been overlooked otherwise. I love this project!

I was in Esprit with the kids getting some great bargains, when they both sat down at this table. I love that Blake is now old enough to sit with Hannah and they can play together. They were both pretty happy with themselves and I thought it was a good moment to snap a picture.

Hannah, today as we hopped out of our car you noticed the one next to us was hot pink! You squealed with excitement and proceeded to ask if you could drive in a pink car. You were disappointed when I told you that was someone else’s car but that you could drive a pink car when you were older if you chose to. To cheer you up I asked you to stand next to the pink car for a photo, and now we have this photo to remember that pink car forever 😉 I wonder if you will still want to drive a pink car in 15 years?!

 Obviously that pasta was lip-smackingly good! You are such a great eater Blake, generally you just eat and eat and when you’re full you let us know. At the moment you are learning how to use your fork to eat with and are slowly getting there. Somehow, I think most of your photos this year will centre around food!


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  1. Love it! There is a pink car in our grocery store car park and my four year old loves it too. I will have to steal your idea of getting her to have a photo with it so when my girl goes through an emo stage in her teens and is into black and black I can pull out the pink car photo 😛 Your two look so much like mine. The pink girl. The good eater 🙂 Ah love ’em!

  2. Cutie pie photos again today 🙂
    What a fab idea to take your camera along to the shops. Will be stealing that one 🙂
    Love Blake’s expression in the last pic. Hooray for baby led weaning!

    • Yep, it was a good idea wasn’t it! I took Georgia’s advice of taking the camera everywhere and this is what I got. I will definately be doing it again.

      And yes, baby-led weaning = one of the best things I ever did 🙂

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