So what did we do on this stinking hot, nearly 40 degree day?
We had lots of little snacks today. The kiddies don’t seem to want to eat huge, filling meals on such hot days and really, I can’t blame them.

Darling Hannah, you don’t handle the heat very well. That comes from your father’s side which is unfortunate since we live in Queensland, one of the hottest places in Australia! You seem to get very tired and lethargic and cranky andΒ  grumpy. This makes for not very pleasant days! I know you can’t understand why we can’t go outside in the middle of the day even though it looks perfectly lovely outside to you (whilst we are inside with the air condidtioning turned on high!). I wish we had milder weather, a perfect 28 degree’s every day would be wonderful πŸ™‚ I think life would be much easier if that were the case.

We went to the park with Mother’s Group early this morning and you ingenious kids found a tap and a little puddle of water to play with. You absolutely reveled in it my dear boy! You were not concerned about how wet your shirt or pants were (unlike your big sister who asked to take her skirt off as soon as it got a little wet!) you just drank water from the tap, filled up the water botttles we had given to you all to play with and spalshed, splashed, splashed! You certainly know how to keep cool on a hot day πŸ™‚


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  1. What lovely photos. Your children are simply gorgeous! i dont blame your Hannah for getting cranky in such heat πŸ™‚

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