I seem to be doing themed posts everyday based on what we have been up to. Today the kiddies were being a bit cheeky and decided they wanted to pretend to be like mama and use the relevant technology. I caught them in the act.

My cheeky chickens were up on the couch as soon as I walked away to get a glass of water today. They normally leave the computer alone since it is just a normal part of everyday life. They thought it was hilarious that I found them like this. Well, Hannah thought it was hilarious, Blake seemed to be wondering exactly what she was laughing at!

Hannah you love to pretend to be like mummy, although I rarely look that busy. You were having a wonderful conversation with yourself as I took this photo, pretending that someone was calling you and you were recounting the numbers. Then the phone actually rang and we found out that you hadn’t been pretending after all but had actually called daddy’s phone! I love your imagination.

Two of my favourite things -my gorgeous cloth-bummed boy and Facebook… but I don’t like it when they fall in love with each other! Hannah managed to remove my keyboard keys when she was your age, so I’m sorry baby boy, but this is probably the last time you’ll be able to play with the computer!

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  1. Hannah looks very techno-savvy 😉
    Love the cutie bum shot of Blake.
    I do love your daily themes …oh and your photos of coarse 🙂

  2. Great photos…
    Great themes!
    You could sell these photos to go with all these current articles about tech savvy kids! You can thank me later when you are rolling in your money!
    Seriously though, these are fantastic shots of day to day life.

  3. Hannah looks so at home with the computer and the phone, better watch out when she’s a teenager. And I LOVE Blake’s cloth nappy 😀 Elias brought me my phone this morning and said something akin to “I want the baby” – meaning, he wanted to see the photos of himself. Whoops!

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