Today is 12/01/12. Pretty cool date. It’s also the date my little man celebrates his 15 month milestone. So in honour of this, I thought I would copy the idea for this post from Gregarious Peach and We Stood Together. Here are my babies as they are right now, today.

I will do a follow up post on 12/12/12 to see how much they have grown and how their likes and dislikes have changed.

This is exactly why I rarely do posed photography, my kids are just not good at that! It will be interesting to re-do this photo in December.

Hannah Kate

Almost 3.5 years old

Swinging by herself, riding her bike, drawing, singing to the radio, being allowed to stay up late watch movies and eat popcorn with mummy and daddy, dogs and animals of any kind, playing doctor, learning her letters, cuddles, drinking juice, singing happy birthday and going to parties, pink clothes


Bugs, getting her clothes wet or dirty, having her hair brushed, not getting what she wants right now this minute, naps, wearing shoes other than her thongs, wearing anything other than underwear and a t-shirt when at home, the heat

Blake Matthew

 15 months old

Weighs 11.8kg and is 86cm tall

Grapes, blueberries, pasta, breastfeeding, the slide and swing, walking, playing with water, swimming, smiling, attention from mummy and daddy, playing in the car, following Hannah around, trucks

Long car drives, nappy changes, carrots, the dark, wearing a hat


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  1. I love, love, LOVE this post Andi! What a great idea, and what beautiful photos of your babies. I’m looking forward to seeing the post on 12/12/12 to see how much they have changed 🙂

  2. Oh Andi! This is fan-frickin-tasic!!!!
    You did such a stellar job of the portraits. So what if the kids didn’t stay perfectly still, they are showing their personalities and that’s the most inportant thing.
    I loved reading what Hannah & Blake like & dislike too. Great little insights into their world.
    I really look forward to your daily posts, not just because you are my friend, but also because I get inspired by your work.
    P.S. Thank you for linking my blog – you sweetheart.

  3. Perfect Andrea. Perfect blend of a keepsake photo with a side serve of reality.

    I’m sure your kids are going to LOVE looking back on these when they grow up.

  4. So gorgeous, Andi – both your kids and the photography. They don’t need to pose at all, it works anyway! Love reading their likes and dislikes and look forward to 12/12/12!!

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