After breakfast this morning at a beachside restaurant, we let the kids run wild on the sand while Brian read the paper and I snapped some pictures. Hannah found some sticks and began building a ‘cake’ in the sand and she didn’t forget her little brother, finding him a discarded yellow kinder suprise cup so that he could pour the sand out. I loved seeing them use their imagination today, and play for ages even though they had no traditional toys. It reminds me that children really have no need for expensive toys and makes me re-think the playroom we have at home!!

Hannah and Blake have a really cute game they play often recently. Blake grabs the end of Hannah’s shirt which is her cue to run away while he tries to catch her. They ran down the boardwalk playing this game and went around a corner. There are lots of entrances to beachside hotels from the boardwalk so I just waited for them to come back and when they didn’t, Brian and I walked up to find out what they were up to. We found them climbing up and down a small set of stairs and when they saw me they stood up against this door and made the ‘what’ sign with their hands at the same time! Luckily my camera was in my hands and I took this photo!

You were having so much fun this morning Hannah. You started rolling around in the sand when I took this set of photos. I was really suprised, you rarely let yourself get so sandy but I guess you were enjoying yourself too much to notice. I picked this photo today because it shows how long your hair is. We have only been here 2 days but I cannot count how many times I have heard old ladies exclaim over your hair and how long and beautiful it is. Yes, it is long and yes, it is beautiful but gosh, it is a pain in the bum to take care of! You hate having it brushed and at the moment parts of it are turning into dreadlocks! There’s a major brushing session coming up soon and you certainly won’t enjoy that as much this mornings sandy rolling session.

I had lots of contemplative photos of you today Blake but I couldn’t resist this smiley shot. You were loving exploring the sand and building cakes and castles with your sister and being allowed to roam free. People were watching, waiting to see what I would do about you both running around, screaming with laughter but why would I want to limit your fun – I could see their secret smiles and I knew they were enjoying you too.

An outake from this morning that I needed to share here too. Blake caught Hannah in their special game of chasey and he was pretty happy about  it!


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  1. Great photos – the kids look like they are having so much fun!! Just before I read about Hannahs hair I was thinking how gorgeous it was and then I read about what a pain it is to maintain – I am thinking of growing my little girls hair long!!

  2. Hannah has such beautiful hair! I had long hair when I was her age, and I’m thanking my mum now, because even though it was a pain to maintain, there are no embarrassing mullet shots of me, unlike my 3 sisters…These are such beautiful pictures.

  3. Oh wow, I am so thankful you commented on my blog and so I discovered yours – firstly, what stunning photos! Also I agree we seem to be very similar in our heart for parenting but the other similarities are so amazing – kids almost same age and genders, Lily has super long hair too! your kids also seem to have a very tender relationship which mine also do (so thankful for!). also we love cloth nappies too 🙂 Your kids are super adorable and the major difference is that your photography skills are a zillion times better than mine! 😉 excited to follow your progress and get inspired

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