Today was a miserable day. Hannah was really disappointed when we had to leave our holiday house and head home. She had been wanting to go swimming in the pool again but it was raining all day at Noosa.

I was so glad that I had photographed those sunset shots on Friday. I wouldn’t have had a chance this weekend with the cloudy weather and those photos were important for me to capture.

Almost forgot to capture a photo of the two of them together today! We were at the park (conveniently located across the road 😉 and had to rush home as we felt the first spits of rain upon us. By the way, that is Blake’s new contemplative face – smush!

Ahhh, this is more the Hannah I know. We were having some fun on the sand one last time before we headed home from the beach and I was trying to get some lovely photos of you in your super cute jumpsuit when you made this face at the sand on your hands. I had to laugh, you are certainly a Virgo my dear.

At 15 months, you are beginning to comuunicate more and more with us every day. Currently you love to point to something, wait for us to follow and then expectantly wait for us to guess what it is that you want. Sometimes it is because you can’t reach a toy you want, or because you want to eat a particular food that you can see but cannot grasp. The words in your vocabulary (hot, truck, dog) don’t  adequately describe your desires so your little pointed finger will have to lead the way for now. And I will have to follow.


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  1. Oh poor Hannah. Staying goodbye to holidays is hard 😦
    Lovely photos of your last moments at the beach. I love Blake’s cute little smushed up face! …and that camera top – LOVE! Can I ask where you got it from?

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