The kids were getting cabin-fever after being stuck in the house since Sunday so we decided to brave the rain and go op-shopping. Like my friend says, it’s like going on a treasure hunt and we sure got lucky today!

Why is it always the way that as soon as you are ready to head out the door, the kids find some safe and peaceful activity to entertain themselves with?

My sweet girl, you were so helpful on the op-shopping trip today. We have been discussing being kind to others over the last few days and you have really taken it to heart.  I loved shopping with you today and you loved our new chair. I think I will get it re-upholstered in a royal blue… what do you think?

This is one of your favourite things, helping daddy make dinner. You love opening all the drawers, pulling out cooking utensils and pyelling ‘Hot’ at the oven whether it is turned on or not. I love you at this age baby boy, I love seeing you grow and learn every day.


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  1. Perfect! The shot of them playing together is wonderful.
    Op shopping is always a funadventure! And I think your treasure will look lovely in royal blue… 🙂

  2. I love op shopping! Still seeking out the best ones in my area – it is a bit hit and miss – but that chair looks like a super find! I really love looking at the photos of Blake – it gives me such an insight into what could be coming up with my little fella…

  3. Ah I know about the peaceful activities! Isn’t it bizarre? And then you find yourself saying ridiculous things like, “put down that book, we’ve got to get going”. Hmmm. Great op shop find! Where do you usually go? We have a few gold mines near our house, always very handy 🙂

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