I have been following other bloggers who have commited to the Documenting Delight journey over the last 18 days and I have been inspired to keep documenting the everyday things even if they seem unimportant. I know that in years to come I will cherish these memories.

Today we captured the scene after breakfast. Some days we go to the playroom after eating and some days we just flop on the couch and watch TV, but today Hannah did some craft while Blake finished his food. Simple, but precious.

This was the scene at our table after breakfast today. Two little people at the table. Two little people who I adore watching enjoy the start to their day, even when I am not feeling the best myself.

You were so excited to find these scissors at the op-shop for 20cents yesterday and you were just itching to try them out with some fresh white paper this morning. I think they got a big thumbs-up :).

Oh little baby toes. Well, you actually have quite large feet for a toddler Blake, but I know one day these little feet will be really, really, really big! I wonder if you’ll still enjoy putting your toes on the table then? Or if your mama will let you ;).


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  1. I love the little toes poking over the edge of the table! I think because I love my own little boys toes – and I too think one day, he will be bigger, way bigger than me! Lovely morning photos.

  2. Oh I love these shots! And goodness, they don’t look ordinary at all…I would consider these my best if they were mine 😉 Wish my Z would do craft. I’ve tried SO HARD to get him into art and crafting but sadly, he ends up turning it into some kind of dangerous game (like swordfighting with paintbrushes…lol). Ah the joys, at least it keeps me active! Enjoy the crafting!!!

    • Actually, I don’t organise craft activities for Hannah enough, she would love to do this sort of stuff every day but it’s just not really my thing haha! I have really had to learn do it because she loves it.

  3. oh so precious! and YES, i agree – I am so loving capturing the everyday parts of our routine, its so routine we almost dont notice them anymore huh but yes these little moments will be so cherished in years to come and I am so happy we will all have this visual record! these photos are so delightful – quiet and lovely moments. I think our girls would just love to hang out, Lily is a crafting fanatic, she would highly rate those purple scissors 🙂

  4. Aw, I love Hannah’s face with those snippers. Definitely need to capture lots of these home moments this year. Unfortunately our new place does not have great natural light 😦

    Big boys with big feet, they’ll probably outgrow us pretty soon Andi 😦

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