This afternoon we went on another little adventure to a local fishing spot just around the corner from us. Brian spontaneously bought the kids fishing rods this morning in preparation for our camping trip next month and Hannah was really excited about testing them out. Unfortunately it was incredibly windy so our time was cut short but we’ll definately be going again soon.

I just couldn’t resist adding this photo of Hannah and Blake playing ‘shopping’ this morning. I love watching them play together, they really enjoy each other’s company now that Blake is old enough to comply with Hannah’s games and ideas!


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  1. oh that looks like such an amazing day! I love how kids remind us of such simple pleasures.
    And I’ve said it before, and no doubt I will say it again – your kids are SO.DARN.CUTE! seriously adorable!

  2. I am lovin’ all your little family adventures this week Andi!
    Hannah totally rocked that pink fishing rod/sunnies combo. She is so gorgeous.
    As always I love looking at your blog. Your photos are so warm and kinda make me wanna be in your family 😉

  3. I love these photos today, especially the 2nd one, my Ruby has that same pink fishing rod that she loves using with her dad too.

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