Today I went along to an extraordinary Life Class on Gratitude and it was inspiring. It really reminded me to enjoy the moment and that there were certain moments in my life I was not taking full advantage of. I had already realised this to an extent earlier this week and decided to do something about it.

I love my sleep. A lot. And Brian being the amazing/awesome/saintly husband that he is, takes the kids out to the park most afternoons so I can nap and catch up on some sleep. I lived for those naps some days, counting down the hours to being able to shut the door and disappear under the covers.

However, I have realised that while I was sleeping my family was having wonderful adventures without me and that made me feel sad, and gulity and that I was missing out on making some beautiful memories. So as you may have noticed, earlier this week most of the photos of the day were taken in the afternoon with my family. I missed out on sleep and I am grateful that I did.

This is one of my favourite photos of you Hannah. You were sweet enought to hand me these flowers spontaneously when I arrived home. I loved them Hannah, almost as much as I love you.

Look at you little boy, learning something new every day. For weeks you have held the phone to your mouth to talk instead of your ear. Today at Grandma’s house, you finally figured it out 🙂


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  1. Wow, beautiful words, I’m so glad that you are enjoying your family, I need to try that a bit more too I think. I love the pretty flowers, and the cheeky grin of your gorgeous son.

  2. beautiful post and pics of course! I really related to your post – I am often torn between the opportunity to rest and have some ‘down time’ on my own and not wanting to miss the fun adventures w the rest of the family!!! Its a tough call huh and Im sure there is some balance in there – because Im sure on some days you surely deserve that nap too and having that rest will enable you to keep mothering as well as you do! xx

    • You’re right Kate, it is a balancing act – as with all of parenting I think – and I do take the opprtunity for some ‘me’ time when I need it 🙂 I am so lucky to have such a great supportive husband 🙂

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