Another rainy day today, it always rains on Tuesday’s.

24 days into this project and Hannah has quickly realised that there must be a reason why I have been taking so many photos. Now everytime Blake and her are sitting or playing together she askes me to take a ‘picha’, fake smile included. Unfortunately Blake doesn’t realise that there is a photo session taking place and I have to be ultra quick with my camera to take a decent photo!

Did I ever tell you about the dream I had about you Hannah? The week we began trying for a baby I had an extremely vivid dream where I saw a little girl, wearing purple clothes with wavy blonde hair laughing and running towards me. I never imagined that dream would come true. I never expected that I would have a baby with blonde hair but amazingly I now have two!

Your daddy has hair this colour Blake, some people even called him ‘Snowy’ when he was little because it is so white. Your little wisps of hair are growing ever longer, and I fear it will soon be time for your very first hair cut.

~ As a side note, once we realised Hannah was in fact going to be blonde (she was born with dark hair) I did some research into how Brian’s blonde genes trumped my dark, dark Mediterranean genes. It seems that both Brian and I have to have the blonde gene to have blonde children so I must have a recessive blonde gene! However – and this is the most amazing bit – there is only a 25% chance of having a blonde child every time we concieve so we are very lucky to have our two little light-haired cuties!!


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  1. I so adore all your shots and your ideas for posts! You are so lucky to have your little girl with long blonde locks! Your kids must be good at sitting still for photos 🙂 especially Blake, I think my boys have ants in their pants .

  2. precious pictures once more – lol yes Lily has also started suggesting I take photos all the time! Although not medditeranian, my hair is dark brown and its also disconcerting for me to have two fair hair kids – though Lily’s was dark then blonde now light brown! Love the pic of the two together on the couch, Blakes expression is priceless!

  3. I love Blake’s face in the first one – practicing his bored disinterested look for the years to come! I too have been striving to get a photo of my boy’s hair – his is WAY to blonde/transparent at the moment.

  4. Love your two little blondies 🙂
    The first photo is a crack up! Hannah’s right into it. Blake, not so much 😉
    Great post 🙂

  5. Oh these are so lovely! Haha “picha” is so sweet. Amazing how quickly they cotton on to what we’re doing! Both hubby and I were white blonde as children but ended up with one light and one mouse-brown. Genes are bizarre…and wonderful 😉

  6. I love the first one, all the kids including the fur child! Hannah really does have the most beautiful hair. The gene thing is a funny one, my hubby & I both have brown eyes, but our little guy has blue eyes. Another recessive gene!

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