Happy Australia Day everyone! Even though we had a low key day today throwing a few snags on the barbie at my parents house (;)) I still took time to think about what living in this beautful country means to me.

I feel very grateful that my parents decided to leave their war-torn homeland and head to a place they had only read about in books. A magical island where people lived in peace and where they could save enough money to return to Croatia and raise their children. Thankfully, they loved Australia so much that we never left. I have had so many amazing opportunities by living here. I doubt I would have graduated from Univeristy if we still lived in Croatia and I definately don’t think Brian and I would have been able to buy two properties if I had grown up in my home town. Obviously I wouldn’t have met Brian either, or had my two beautiful babies…

Australia, I have a lot to thank you for, you have blessed me more than you know.

You learnt to swing by yourself a few weeks ago but this is the first time I’ve been able to capture you actually doing it. You love that you now have the freedom to hop onto a swing and begin flying through the air completely independantly of us. You make me so proud Hannah and P.S. I love your toes xx

Yesterday I posted a photo of you falling asleep and today I thought I would try to capture you napping. Every little part of me wants to wake you from your slumber and smother you with kisses when I see you sleeping like this, even though my logical mind tells me to step away and let you sleep! But oh, that precious little mouth of yours is just too adorable…


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  1. Lovely.
    Thank you for sharing!
    What is about a sleeping baby that makes you want to do something silly to wake them up? I often have to stop myself from scooping up my daughter for snuggles.
    I think sometimes this Mummying caper makes us just a touch mad. lol

  2. Happy Australia day! My parents moved here when I was 2 and it was the best decision ever! Love the green and gold! And gorgeous pics 🙂 I love snapping pics while they are sleeping.

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