I wasn’t feeling the best today so all my photos were taken from my ‘resting’ position on the couch :).

I asked Blake to give Hannah a kiss in the hopes of capturing a cute moment between them since Hannah was completely enthralled with the TV show she was watching. Blake just gave me this cheeky smile instead. Ah, some days I just have to be happy with whatever I get!

I don’t think you are feeling the best today either Hannah, you certainly weren’t being your chirpy self. This is the view I have of you from where I sit. Your little button nose that I remember marveling at when you were just a baby and your beautiful bow lips. Your olive skin and long eyelashes. In profile you are perfect sweet girl.

Your little face looking out at the rain covered patio was full of longing to get out and run around and play. But I noticed your ears when I was taking the photo and decided to focus on them instead. I remembered a moment a long time ago when your Daddy and I were talking about our future babies before either your sister ofr you were born and saying, “At least they will all have small ears since we do!” And we were right ;)!

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