The joy, the cuddles, the delight, the wonder, the dreams… that is my every day.

This is Blake running away from Hannah’s adoring kisses…

Tonight, before bed, you told me that one day when you grow up you will grow wings and fly through the sky like a bird. One day, baby girl, I’m sure you will. I hope you flew through your dreams tonight.

The look of joy on your face as you watched your sister bounce up and down today was priceless. I love that you find absolute delight in being with her and learning from her. One day you will be able to bounce on the trampoline too!


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  1. Look at Blake- “Make the cuddles stop!”
    Love the trampoline one of Hannah. She is such a gorgeous girl 🙂
    lovely shots of your day. Squeal – how wonderful are all of your photos going to be when you finish this project!

    • haha, it is so funny, that same scenario happens here at least once a day!

      I started making up the book already, don’t want to have to do a whole years worth of photos in only a few weeks. Very exciting to see it all coming together!

  2. Hello cupcake dress. Would you like to come and live at my house?! I will give you a good home 🙂

    I love it when you post such natural, everyday moments Andrea, they are so special. You can really see your kid’s personalities shining through. x

  3. Ahhh these scenes of the doting older sister are so familiar! I was thinking how blessed these little boys are to grow up w such affectionate older sisters – will stand them well for the future! Precious pics once more!!

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