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My mum had bought Hannah an Easter egg painting set and had not-so-carefully hidden it in the kitchen. When Hannah saw it she had to have it and what could I do? Waiting another month to paint on an egg would seem like an eternity to a toddler so we had a little early Easter fun :).

I know it’s a fuzzy photo but you kept moving to dip your paintbrush into to get more paint! You coloured your whole egg – including a bit of your dress as well – and you were very proud of your efforts. A little bit of craft and you are delighted my dear :).

The painting was lost on your sweet boy. Instead, you wanted to see what happend when the egg was bounced on the marble kitchen top. The result is the photo below ;).




So what does a mama do when she is constantly being asked (aka nagged) by her 3 year old to take her to the pool…. well, naturally she finds any available piece of plastic that the babies can sit in, gives them a hose and lets them go for it…!

And voila, two very, very happy children and one relaxed mama.

Hannah wanted me to photograph the bubbles in the water.

Hannah this is one of my favourite parts of you. Your belly button is a perfect circle. It is deep and round. It was connected to me for nine long months. I am proud of that belly button. One day, my little grand-babies will hide behind there and my life will come full circle.

How could I even resist. You have the most adorable little bum-bum. And the creases in your legs… those chubby thighs… and those DIMPLES….! Love, love, love!



A quiet afternoon at home today.

Oh those poor fish and their poor little tummies. You both have to throw a big handful in when feeding the fish and I have heard they don’t know when to stop eating when they start… no wonder they’re both so big for goldfish!

Often you will look in a mirror and exclaim, “I have brown eyes, just like mummy.” Yes, baby, you surely do. My beautfiul brown-eyed-girl <3.

You have realised that when I pick up the keys it is time to GO! You start squealing and wildly waving your arm up and down saying, “Baa-Baa” (bye-bye) and it is just too much cuteness. My heart cannot handle all this baby love!



On our way home from the Sunshine Coast we decided to spend most of the day at the ever popular Ginger Factory. I remember coming here as a child with my family so it was sort of surreal bringing my own children now. We had a good time, a nice, simple family day out :).



The rain finally eased today and as it was Saturday we invited Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Dean and Aunty Monica up to the Sunshine Coast to enjoy the day with us. It was still a bit too gloomy to swim in the ocean but we made good use of the pool and then had some lunch at a cafe. As always on these kinds of days, we share a special ice-cream treat. Yum!

(Hannah was feeding Blake some of her ice-cream here!)



The rain didn’t ease off as we were hoping. Actually, our tent was positively shaking all night in the wind and rain and we had had enough. We didn’t want to waste our holiday away, so we decided to drive down to Mooloolaba in the hopes of finding somewhere to stay with an indoor heated pool as Hannah was so disappointed at not being able to go swimming. Lucklily for us, we found a place and we had a great time there!

Not sure what happened with my settings in this series of photos but you’ll have to look past that! We were all so happy to have had a fun swim and be safe and dry inside the apartment while it rained and rained outside.

You know what you want darling girl, and what you wanted was to go swimming. We wanted to make your wishes come true so we stayed in this ‘new house’ as you called it, with a very cool indoor pool and you were delighted! I love seeing you happy sweetheart, your smile makes all the rain in the world worth it!

You are happy to go along with everyone else and when plans change you’re not fussed. That is one thing I love most about you at this age. Everything is an adventure, everything is exciting and I love seeing you confident and secure as long as we’re by your side.

This is a little snippet of the weather we endured during the weekend. The view would have been lovely if it wasn’t so gray!




Rain, rain go away, come again another day, little Hannah & Blake want to play.

Outside. In the sand. And swim in the river. And not get every single piece of clothing we brought with us wet and dirty.

We couldn’t believe how much it rained today. We were so disappointed. It was really hard to do anything outdoors and that is what camping is really all about. One family left today and we were unsure whether we should too. We decided to stay another night and see what happened the next day.

Oh these kids make me laugh. They were sitting here chatting in their own ‘HannahBlake’ language that only they can understand and I sneaked up to take this photo. They were outraged!

This duck was so friendly, he/she came along and ate right out of the your hands. He/she even brought a friend at dinner time and they just waited around until we had some food. You thought it was awesome that you could make friends with this ducky and your brother even learned how to say the word ‘duck’ so it was a fun experience for all!

Blake, you seriously could NOT get any more cuter! You cracked me up here sitting on your camping chair like a mini-grown up, with your nutrigrain in the drink holder! And when I saw this second photo I had to laugh out loud – you look like Kylie Minogue in her famous video clip!