It was another lovely morning at mother’s group and the kids had a ball playing and laughing and I had such a fun time talking that I forgot to take any photos! So on our way home I saw Blake was fast asleep in my rearview mirror and I decided to sneak in a photo.

Hannah loves to sing along to music in the car and I managed to capture a photo of her doing it even though she saw me take a photo of Blake and said, “No mummy, I don’t wanna a picha please!” and covered her face like I was some sort of papparazzi…. I mean seriously…. ;)!

I am so incredibly grateful to have the view that I do.

(Please ignore the reflection of Brian’s hat in the mirror, I didn’t realise until after I had taken the photo and I couldn’t stop to move it out of shot).

You were generously given a mixed music CD in a party bag from an adorable little friend about 6 months ago and the CD is pretty much on constant repeat in the car. Your favourite song is Dog Days are Over by Florence + The Machine. You could listen to that song all day. And you do.

Baby boy, this is a new view that I have of you. Up until a few weeks ago when your sister and you both recieved new seat,s you had been rear-facing. Our old car seat had the old (only just changed this year) standards of accepting children up to 12kg rear facing. You are now 11.8kg but you are very tall and you were definately starting to grow out of it. I desperately wish that I could keep you rear-facing for longer, it is so much safer for you but unfortunately Australia’s standards are very low compared to some other countries in the world and this restricts the type of car seat I am able to buy for you. I am happy that we were able to keep you rear-facing for 15 months though. It’s better than the measely 8 months that your sister was rear-facing for :(, I know better now.


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  1. Umm, Miss Hannah you have excellent taste in music! Love that song 🙂

    It is hard when you have to turn them forward facing isn’t it? I am so glad that you were able to keep Blake at the max limit. Please don’t bet yourself up about Hannah’s age when she was turned, as the saying goes “When we know better, we do better”. You always do just that 🙂

  2. Good music and a good morning at mothers group – sounds divine!!! we just turned Eli around at 17months… its tough isnt it (I didnt realise they have changed the car seat weights, what a shame!!). Its pretty cute though to see them both facing fwd together, Eli was so shocked and thrilled 🙂

  3. You have the most beautiful happy children and it shows through in your pictures….when my 2 girls started both facing the same way they would have the most wonderful (and crazy) conversations. Always nice to be able to look in the rear view mirror and be greeted by 2 cheesy grins 😉

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