Today we were invited to spend the afternoon with Georgia from Gregarious Peach and her lovely family. So.Much.Fun! They have a pool in their complex and the kids had a ball!

The 3 most important people in my world. They were swimming, laughing, splashing while I stood in the shallow end, in my shorts, with my camera in my hand trying to get some good photos….

I had to add both of these photos of you today Hannah because it shows just how proud you are of wanting to put your face under the water and blow bubbles. You are still a little hesitant of the water but your confidence is slowly building as you try new things with our constant encouragement and support.

Well, what can I say about you Blake! You are absolutely crazy in the water! You wanted to be completely independent, noone holding onto you as you walked out into the deeper water or climbed down the stairs into the pool. You put your head under constantly and tried to copy everyone else. You were laughing with glee. I love you baby boy but gosh your fearlessness makes my heart beat a million times faster!

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  1. How wonderful that you had a playdate with Georgia 🙂
    Eeek! Harper is the same as Blake – all confidenace, limited skills. It is a tad scary but at the same time I love that she gives it a go.

    Great photos!

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