It was a bit of a strange day today. I was planning to take the kiddies to the pool in the morning like we did yesterday but Hannah woke up completely out of sorts. She was hot and ran straight over to the couch to lie down. It seems she had a 24 hour bug of some sort, probably picked up at the pool yesterday :S.

After a little rest on the couch Hannah was feeling well enough to play with Blake in the playroom but Blake wasn’t interested, he was too busy watching the trucks drive past. We are living in a new estate and the section we are in is being extended. The amount of trucks that pass our house everyday are countless and as annoying as it is for us, it is absolutley fascinating for the kids!

I knew something was wrong when I picked up the ‘wrong’ bowl to pour your cereal into this morning and you started crying. And then more tears came because I gave you the ‘wrong’ spoon. I felt your forehead and you were warm and when you decided to lie on the couch with a blanket over you I knew you were definately sick. Daddy took care of you later in the afternoon while I had a little nap with Blake and he said you asked him for a bowl which he didn’t end up getting for you. You decided to get it yourself and promptly vomitted into it. I don’t think Daddy was expecting that!!! After a little sleep you woke feeling better and I hope this bug has passed as quickly as it came.

Worst photo ever but I was trying to catch you while you were running around like a mad thing. For the last month when you need a nappy change I ask you if you have done a poo-poo and if you have you begin to pull on your nappy. I am really amazed by this as your big sister was not at all interested at what was inside her nappy and yet here you are running to the change table and grabbing me a nappy when asked. Today you even pointed at your nappy and said “poo-poo”. I wonder how easy it will be for you to toilet train. We’ll have to see in a little while.


About hippyhappymama

I am a wife and a mama to 3 delicious children, Hannah (31-08-2008), Blake (12-10-2010) and Daisy (11/08/2013). I am in love with my family, writing, photography, travel, and all things related to active birth and natural parenting.

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  1. Oh poor possum 😦 Hannah really does look unwell in the second picture. Finn has those days too, where everything is the “wrong” thing 😦
    Hope your pumpkin perks up soon 🙂

  2. ohhh that is just like lily has been the last few days with this cold – the smallest thing brings her to tears, poor lass! cant wait till she is feeling better! hope hannah is soon too, poor dear – what a champ for going and getting her own bowl, how considerate!! “) love the pic of her on the couch, so cute, what a dear! xx

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