I only managed to take one photo today. I don’t know why I didn’t pick the camera up again later, but I am so glad I captured this one. I think it is one of my favourites so far.

My babes in the morning. Eating, sitting, chatting and enjoying each other. Simply perfect.


About hippyhappymama

I am a wife and a mama to 3 delicious children, Hannah (31-08-2008), Blake (12-10-2010) and Daisy (11/08/2013). I am in love with my family, writing, photography, travel, and all things related to active birth and natural parenting.

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  1. Hi Andrea. I love your photos! This one is just unreal. They look like little dolls. Too cute. Such a shame we didn’t get to spend more time together at the camping trip 😦 Have to plan something again!

  2. Fan-bloody- tastic shot! I adore it. It is so simple but I just love the stillness of it. Well done, especially on a one photo day too!

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