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(Please excuse the shocking photo quality! The lighting in this room is ridiculous and when I saw this scene I raced to get the camera and capture it so I didn’t have time to change my settings)

Obviously I have a daughter and although she occasionally indulges me by wearing pretty dresses or tutus, she is at her happiest wearing only a pair of undies. I haven’t really had that experience of ‘dress ups’ with her at all.

And then came the boy. One of his first words was ‘shoe’ and he adores them. Particularly women’s shoes or anything owned by my mum. In the last month he has asked to dress up in different clothing more times than Hannah has in her whole life. Tonight was no exception and I managed to capture the moment.




We had a really busy Anzac day this year. In the morning we caught up with Hannah’s godparents and our oldest friends. They are expecting their first baby later this year after a very difficult journey and we (well, probably me more so than Brian!) are insanely excited for them! In the afternoon we had a 4th birthday party to attend which the kiddies enjoyed, it was the first birthday party of the season, I know there will be many more to come in the next few months!

This was Hannah and Blake’s first time playing pass the parcel and although they took a turn or two to cotton on to how the game worked, it solidified for me that we will be playing this game for Hannah’s 4th birthday later in the year.