Dearest Blake {18 Months Old}



Dearest Blake,

18 months has now passed since you were born into water and straight into my waiting arms. The first thing I noticed about you were your fingers and nails – so sweet and fragile and feminine… you are going to hate reading that in 18 years time but you have to remember that we were told you were a girl via ultrasound at our 20 week scan.

My mothering instinct told me that something wasn’t quite right through the pregnancy, and although I refused to name the feeling that I was having, packing that one white Wondersuit into the bag we took into the birth centre turned out to be a wise choice. You were most certainly a boy and you were perfect. Everything felt perfect actually; it felt right that you were here instead of the little girl we had been expecting. I was honestly not surprised that you had been keeping a secret from us, although your daddy was in a bit of shock, even calling you ‘she’ and ‘her’ for a few days.

It seems like it was yesterday, that I held you as you slept safe in the crook of my arm with your little feet just tucking under my other arm. You are much bigger than that now. Daddy recently took a photo of you breastfeeding and I can’t believe that you have grown so tall. You seem big but I know you are just a baby at heart. My baby.

This is my favourite age now that you are a fully-fledged toddler. The year from age 1 to 2 is amazing. Yes, it certainly has its challenges and in the past few weeks you have begun to have real tantrums and show outrage when you are not given something quite as quickly as you would like it to be. But mostly, you are a delight. You are constantly smiling, taking everything in and giving us spontaneous cuddles to show us your love. I love how affectionate you are and how much you love life. It is so refreshing to watch you and to be reminded to slow down and enjoy the moment as you do, seeing the world through toddler eyes.

One of my favourite mama pastimes is watching you with your sister Hannah. She has loved you since before you were born and you absolutely idolise her. You follow her around and allow yourself to be guided by her imagination and play and I know it will be like that for some time to come. It reminds me so much of how my little brother and I used to play when we were children and it is a surreal experience seeing that loving relationship develop between the two of you, my own babies. You adore each other and make each other – and Daddy and I – laugh every day with your crazy antics.

I know many mamas’ worry about how they will ever love a child as much as their firstborn when the second is due, but strangely I did not share those fears. And I’m glad I didn’t because there was nothing to fear. Our heart can accommodate so much love and joy and you Blake, brought more of that into our lives than I could have imagined. Every day I fall deeper in love with you and treasure the fact that you chose me to be your mama.

~Blake at 1 Year Old~

The next few months will be full of excitement as you approach your second birthday and you begin to speak more words and find your place in our family and your world. We will be right there alongside you, proudly loving each moment and hoping that happiness is your everyday. To watch you grow and change and learn, to guide you and to be a hand to hold and your shoulder to lean on is a pleasure. You are delightful Blake; I mean that in every way. I am honoured to be your mama and I thank you for coming on this journey with me. xx

~Blake at 18 Months Old~

18 Fun Facts About Blake

Your favourite words are ‘Truck’, ‘Ice’, ‘This’ and ‘Plane’

Your favourite person is Hannah

You really enjoy singing and dancing

Your favourite food is cheese and ice (if you can call ice a food!)

You have almost all your teeth now

You still haven’t had your first hair cut

You are still breastfed on demand

You are very physical and love climbing anything and everything

You get very excited when it is teeth-brushing time

And when Daddy lets you play in the car and turn the steering wheel

You are almost always smiling

Your first word was ‘Hot’

You don’t like it when I say ‘Miaow’ like a cat

You adore climbing up and down stairs

You are fearless in the water and love the beach

You wake at least 3 times a night to nurse

I haven’t carried you in the Ergo for quite a few months now and I miss it

You are adorable and so very loved

(The first 2 photos were taken by Little Posers Photography during Blake’s birth and at his newborn session.)


About hippyhappymama

I am a wife and a mama to 3 delicious children, Hannah (31-08-2008), Blake (12-10-2010) and Daisy (11/08/2013). I am in love with my family, writing, photography, travel, and all things related to active birth and natural parenting.

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  1. Beautiful wordsandrea! I had to have a giggle at the long fingers and nails being feminine:) you write such lovely words for your children to read when they are older! Great pictures especially the one of you and Blake together 🙂

  2. beautiful words and photos – 18m is such a milestone age isnt it!!! no more a baby, fully into toddlerdom. He is an amazing little boy and so utterly loved – a privilege to witness this love in action on your blog – thanks for sharing!!

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