So. The day after my post about us allowing the children to set their own limits within reason, this happens….

Blake was playing in the car with Hannah on the driveway, pretending to drive like they always do. Brian was walking up and down the driveway on the phone right next to the car. I was inside the house when all I hear is Brian scream my name and I absolutley sprinted outside to find Brian shaking and holding Blake. My heart plummeted and all I kept thinking was ‘I hope he is alive’. I took Blake into my arms and was happy to see he was certainly alive and screaming his lungs out and then I saw his head… Brian thinks he must have fallen out of the car window by leaning over it too far. Brian had his back to the car 2 meteres from the car door when it happened and heard the big smack on the ground when Blake fell. We immediately rang our friend who is an ambulance officer and he explained that Blake sounded okay and to just keep an eye on him. Thankfully after about an hour Blake began to behave like his normal chirpy self and the grazes on his face were the only reminder that anything had happened.

Hannah was a bit shocked by the ordeal and kept wanting to show us and everyone who asked about Blake her own graze on her foot that she had acquired recently, as it was obvious Blake was getting all the attention. We were all a bit traumatised by the event actually but we were also thanking our lucky stars that Blake was okay. Just proves that even in the things that you wouldn’t necessarily think are dangerous, kids will find a way to hurt themselves!


About hippyhappymama

I am a wife and a mama to 3 delicious children, Hannah (31-08-2008), Blake (12-10-2010) and Daisy (11/08/2013). I am in love with my family, writing, photography, travel, and all things related to active birth and natural parenting.

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  1. ohhhh those pics are sooooo sad, his poor little face!!! and what a terrible shock for you and everyone! 😦 poor darlings…. but yes as you said, these things happen and will continue to – just so glad that he was not more seriously injured!!! Funny that just recently he got that little papercut and you said it was his worst injury… the boy sure made some impact the 2nd time around huh! Im sure many sweet quiet cuddles soothed away all the shock though. But yes as you said, it really shakes everyone up. Glad he is ok, dont feel bad cos these things do happen – esp w climbers!!

  2. Oh the poor darling! 18 months in our house with Eli saw a new face-bruise or cut lip each week. It was shocking, as Cass STILL hasn’t gotten a real graze yet.

  3. Andi, how did I miss this post? Your poor Blake and what a shock for you! The photos are so sad. look at your little guy’s face 😦

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