Mother’s Day 2012


It is Mother’s Day 2012 and in honour of that I thought I would share some of my favourite family photos taken in the last few weeks.


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  1. amazzzzzzing photos Andi – how on earth do i choose my faves? Well, i gotta say i love the little series w the sunshining and the kids on your lap – if my eyes are correct, they look a little…unenthusiastic initially, but all of a sudden you’ve rolled to the ground and they are hysterically laughing!!! not sure if that was your plan but its just gorgeous and so true to life (argh, so many whining photos of my kids!). those last few on the mountain are just magical and i hope get printed and framed!!! simply glorious, a celebration of your family. so nice to have collected these today! i hope you got very spoilt today – you are an amazingly devoted mama, i think you are just wonderful so HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to you, dear girl! xx

    • haha, yes! they were unenthusiastic – especially Hannah – but luckily I had a flash of genius and rolled onto the ground tickling them! I knew we only had a minute to get some shots so I had to make the most of it haha! I am in love with that set ❤

      And you my dear are just as wonderful! Thank you for all your fabulously kind comments on my blog, it is so appreciated xx

  2. Oh wow!! These are all so beautiful, you have some really lovely shots of you all! I love that you have a Mama and Dad shot in there too, they always seem to become a rarity once kids come along. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous family, Andrea!! And very stylish too…love the outfits you and Hannah rock! All of the photos are so good it is impossible for me to pick a favorite.

  4. Your family is so beautiful! I love your photos. Where did you get the necklace your precious son is wearing? I love it!

    • Hello, I’m sorry I haven’t seen this comment sooner, it was in my junk mail! Blake is wering an Amber Necklace, it assits with teething pain and inflammation. You can buy it online by googling ‘amber teething necklace’, I bought this one from Eco Child 🙂
      Thanks for your lovely comment 😀

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