A profile of a 4 year old!


Happy 4th Birthday Hannah!!!

Hannah at 4 years old –

Favourite Colour? – Purple.

Favourite Letter? – H.

Favourite Number? – 2.

Favourite Book? – Books with animals in them.

Favourite Song? – Rumor Has It by Adele.

Favourite TV show? – Peppa Pig.

What do you want to be when you grow up? – A doctor.

What is your favourite animal? – Sheep.

What is your favourite food? – Carrots. “Rabbits are good at crunching carrots!”

Who is your best friend? – Priya

Where is your favourite place to go? – I like to go out and eat at different places, and it’s nice when Grandma comes too.

What is your favouite thing to do? – I like doing craft.

What is your favourite thing to do with Daddy? – I like fixing things with daddy.

What is your favourite thing to do with Mama? – Going to the park.

What is your favourite thing to do with Blake? – I like to play with blocks and hide and seek with Blake (and daddy).

What is your favourite toy? – The play kitchen, I like cooking cakes.

What birthday present did you love the most? – Magic Markers, cash register, dollshouse.

What makes you happy? – Dolphins jumping over waves makes me smile.

What makes you sad? – When I miss daddy when he is at work.

Things you have learned to do this past year – Swing by yourself (January 2012), Understand and follow directions such as left, right correctly (May 2012), Dress yourself completely including buckling shoes with velcro straps and doing up buttons (June/July 2012), Wrote your first word “Hello” (July 2012)

Places you have travelled in the last year – A trip to Rockhampton to visit your Daddy’s side of the family via plane with your own special seat and ticket. A lovely little holiday to Noosa in January and then a camping trip there again in February. In March we booked a flight to Sydney to meet some fabulous mama’s and stayed for a few days. In May we stayed on the Gold Coast for the weekend and went to Seaworld and Mt Tamborine for Mothers Day. And finally in August we camped at Byron Bay for the Concious Parenting and Natural Learning conference.

Funny Things You Have Said Over The Past Year –

As she sits on the toilet –

H: “Mummy you have moles, do you have moles on your belly?”

Me: “Yes, I do.” (lift up my shirt to show her my stomach).

H: points to a mole and then says,” You have a baby in your belly.” (I don’t!!!)

Me: “What do you have in your belly then?”

H: “I have a kitty-cat in my belly. It says ‘meow, meow’!” (22/10/11)


H: ‘Look mummy, I swimming like a dolphin.’ In the bath, November 2011


Coming home from the shops in the car, H is holding her bag of mini marshmellows that we bought

H: I have some marshmallows when we get home.

B: Yes, you can have 2 marshmallows when we get home.

H: No daddy, there is lots of marshmallows, can you see? I eat them all.

B: You can only have 2 marshmallows when you get home.

H: Daddy look, there is lots in here, I have to eat all of them! (14-12-11)


Hannah to Blake: “Blakey, put your water in the hole-cupper. C’mon Blakey, look mine is in the hole-cupper like ‘dis!” (11/02/12)


Upon seeing a mouse in a mouse-trap at Grandma and Grandpa’s house’ I asked Hannah what the mouse is doing in there. Hannah said, “He is just resting. Yeah, he was tired so now he is sleeping.” (15/02/12)


Me: Will you cook on the BBQ when you are bigger?

H: No. Only boys cook on BBQ’s and I am a little girl.

Me: Maybe you can cook on the BBQ when you are a big girl?

H: No only grandpa and Dean cook on the BBQ.

Me: What does Daddy cook?

H: Toast and eggs and bacon and eggs in the morning. Bacon and eggs is daddy’s favourite. (28/02/12)


Overheard talking to Blake in a squeky high-pitched mummy voice as she pats him on the back – ‘Don’t be sad little boy, I will take cares of you.” (13/05/12)


“When I am bigger I will have a purple car, and a purple shop and I will drink coffee and buy rings and earrings from the shops and have red toes (nailpolish) like grandma.” (17/05/12)


When driving past a McDonalds she mentions that the M looks like chippies then states, “Chippies are my favourite mummy, my favourite to eat. And I like soup, soup is my favourite as well.” (18/05/12)


After playing outside, I asked Hannah, “Do you love your brother?” as we watched Blake run towards us.
She  scrunched her face up at me and answered in a sad voice, “I don’t know… he’s kind of funny.” (21/08/12)


As I was feeding Blake on the couch and told him that there was no more milk after this feed till bedtime Hannah pipes up, “Mummy’s milk is all gone Blake, I can feed you my milk if you want?”
Later that same night as I help her out of the bath she points to her own nipples and says, “These are getting bigger Mama, and soon I will have milk like you and then I can feed Blake too!” (24/08/12)


This was Hannah’s profile last year at age 3!


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  1. Sweet, sweet, gorgeous girl!
    I love that you have put this ‘profile’ together. What a treasure for you all to be able to look back at as she grows.
    And I love the comment about her brother being ‘kind of funny’. Poor Blake!

    • Awwww, thanks Tarnya, she is a sweetie-pie 🙂
      It isn’t quite the same as the amazing series of photos of Thomas you have with your scarf but it is still good to be able to look back on something and see how much they have grown 🙂

  2. That is a wonderful idea! Absolutely love the offer of milk for Blake. That is the cutest! Also love the photos of her in her birthday dress. She is such a gorgeous little girl xox

  3. LOL. that one about blake being ‘kind of funny” hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaa. i woke up theo laughing. I love this. What a kind hearted and joyful little four year old you have. She is a pleasure to be around and flourishing into such a lovely little girl. I am so glad she’s our friend.

  4. She’s beautiful, and I loved reading about her at 4 years old. She will giggle over some of these someday, my kids love reading about what they were like when they were younger!

  5. So sweet! Need to do more of these myself.
    Oh, and sibling breastfeeding attempts are HILARIOUS. I’m undecided about documenting them, particularly between the boys 😉

    • haha, I recently took a photo of Blake being ‘breastfed’ by Hannah. He thought it was hilarious that Hannah was pulling him around trying to get him into position so he became this dead weight with a smile on his face. She gave up after a minute and decided it was just too hard breastfeeding a toddler 😉

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