Mother’s Day 2013


Dearest Hannah, Blake and Baby Girl,

How could I have known what being a mother meant until I became one? I had no idea that your lives would change mine in ways I could never have expected.
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This is my 6th Mother’s Day as a mama. For me it is an anniversary and celebration of babies in my belly, in my arms and in my heart. Mother’s Day means holding the space for all of these special ones within me everyday and never forgetting the blessings I have been given. Events that at the time seemed too difficult, too painful and too miserable to ever be viewed in a positive light, I can now see were just preparations for my mothering journey. They allowed me to walk a new path and become a new person. And the moments I have experienced of pure joy, happiness and bliss since then have only served to compound that understanding for me.

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I could never have imagined that choosing to become a mother would mean that I would be instead making a decision to change myself. Things I believed in so strongly before are now not important and things I had no idea existed have become my life mantra. I have allowed myself to surrender into the beauty and the sacrifice of motherhood and I am a better person for it.

There is nothing I feel deserves my time more than to spend it with you – my children. There is nowhere I would rather be, no regrets about my choices, and no changes that I want to make in how I choose to live my life right now. I am grateful beyond measure that I am blessed with you – each of you – and it is only through becoming your mama that I know the true meaning of that word.

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Thank you for your shining smiles. I am thankful that I have the pleasure of seeing them every day.

Love Always,

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  1. Andi, you have the most beautiful way with words. You are honest, heartfelt and so articulate. Hannah, Blake and your baby girl on the way are beyond blessed to have such a dedicated, loving and passionate mother.
    I love all of the photos you have shared in this post. Happy Mother’s Day to you – a mother and person who inspires me- even from far away 🙂 xx

    • Thank you sweet Amber for your kind, kind word. I am just as inspired by you lovely mama, and I am grateful there are mothers out there raising their children with such love and respect ❤

  2. Such a beautiful post. Motherhood clearly makes you glow. I love the photographs you chose especially the shadow of you growing belly. Before they are born babies are as close as they will ever be but sometimes (to me at least) so unknowable and far away. I think the shadow captures this beautifully. Happy Mother’s Day (bit late!).

  3. Gorgeous photos and words! I agree with Amber, so heartfelt and honest. I especially love that first photo. What an awesome capture. I can’t believe how big your little boy is these days. He and Hannah have the same smile….adorable!

  4. My husband just called me over to see your photos on your facebook page. Amazing!

    Do you think you might be willing to share some of your pregnancy photos with our site, the Maternity Gallery? Its a sortable gallery of week by week pregnancy pictures (mostly snapshots).

    I would be happy to link to your blog from any pics we post, or keep them anonymous, whichever you prefer.

    Either way, let me know what you think. We’d love to have your help!



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