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Daisy – Two Month Update


Dearest Daisy,

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You are two months old! Wow! The last month has been full of new discoveries. Just one day before you were 5 weeks old you shared your first smile with me. My heart completely melted! Then you surprised us with your new skill of rolling from your tummy to your back on both sides when you were just 6 weeks old! There’s not much tummy time happening around here because you just keep rolling! I bought you this fantastic wooden play gym from Ikea and you adore it, you’re very close to reaching out to touch the toys hanging from it and after a sleep and a feed you happily lie under there for at least 20 minutes giving me just enough time to do a quick tidy up and feed your ever hungry brother and sister!

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Those early newborn days of falling asleep almost anywhere are definately over. Most days you don’t stay asleep if I try to transfer you to the bassinet during the day so I usually just hold you or sometimes you like sleeping in your bouncer… but that requires me to bounce you!! I am always impressed with how much I manage to get done if you sleep in your swing or bassinet for longer than an house! I don’t count how long or how many sleeps you have in the day, there is no way to set a predictable routine with our lifestyle and with you being the third child it is inevitable that you are often woken by excessive noise or going in and out of a car. I try not to let that stress me though and I try to give you as much sleep as possible. During the night though is a different story. Since birth this has been a wonderful little routine of you falling asleep around 9pm and going into your Love to Dream swaddle and then into your moses basket and not waking until around 4:30am for a feed. It has been so helpful for me to be able to adjust to mothering 3 little people with a decent amount of sleep every night. You have had a couple of growth spurts and a few rough nights where you found it hard to settle into sleep but you still slept well once down for the night. I am so grateful. I am not sure how long it will last but every night that we have like this is very much appreciated by me!

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You’re such a honey, we can’t get enough of your coos and smiles and I know you’re just meant for our family. Everyone says you look like your big sister – and you do – but I feel like you’re a real mix of Hannah and Blake. Your relationship with them is growing and your effect on them hasn’t lessened in the least. Blake is still loving on you as much as he possibly can and Hannah is constantly telling me what all your coos and gahs mean which is totally adorable. I know you’re going to love interacting with them more in the months to come.

Love Always,
Mama xx