Daisy – Three Month Update


Dearest Daisy,

Three months marks the end of your newborn days Daisy, the end of the fourth trimester. The days just whizzed by even though I’ve been doing my best to soak them up and hold them tight. I had hoped that you were going to be born calm and content and that I would be able to transition easily into being a mama to three children. I talked to you about it while you were in my womb and I am so happy that you heard me. I feel so connected to you, to your spirit in a way that I haven’t felt before. This is what I love about motherhood, the constant learning and growing that happens almost everyday, not just for my children, but for me as well. It’s such a beautiful journey and I am infinitely grateful to be on this path.
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You have blossomed this month and really come into your own. You are so responsive, your face lighting up with the most incredible smiles whenever someone makes eye contact with you. When Daddy comes home you turn your head to see him and when he says hello you grin madly! It is the sweetest thing. This is one of my favourite stages because you save your biggest smiles for me and my heart bursts with love for you every single time. Hannah and Blake love to see you smile and are constantly talking to you and stroking your head. Hannah in particular loves to talk to you in a high pitched voice saying things like, “You are the cutest baby in the whole world, yes you are, aren’t ya?” which just delights you [and me!]. Blake has nicknamed you Daisy Baby so he is often seen murrmuring that while cuddling you. It still amazes me how affectionate he is towards you but I think I really underestimated his cuddly nature, not sure how since he was attached to me for over 2 years but I think his recent independance made me forget a little. He made sure to remind me in the last 2 weeks though!
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You are growing by the second, now entering 00 clothing and from a probably unnacurate weigh on a home scale you are about 6.2kg. I feel so sad to be packing all the itty baby clothes away. When you were born I thought that maybe you would be smaller for longer as a baby compared to your siblings but you seem to be growing just as fast although you’re almost a kilo lighter than Blake at this age. I must have extra creamy breastmilk! Sleep is still going great, once or twice a week you wake around midnight as well as your usual 4am time but most nights it’s just that latter wake up. I bring you into our bed at this time and we snooze until morning, sometimes having another feed around 6am. I am tired because mothering is tiring but I don’t feel terribly sleep deprived. Looking at Hannah and Blake every night sleeping all night long reminds me that all babies eventually get there and I know that even if you begin waking more frequently during the night that we can get through it and that it will pass. I may need to re-read that last sentance again in a few months!
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You began really swatting at the toys on your playgym recently and grabbing at them with concentration. You love touching and playing with the toy dog that hangs in your carseat and you are sucking on your hands like there is no tomorrow! You’re very close to holding toys and being able to guide them into your mouth and you look as though you are trying to laugh. There is so much development going on at this stage, even though I’ve done it three times now it is still amazing! My home feels so full now, filled with 3 noisy, happy children. I know I am blessed, and I am making sure to enjoy it.
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Love Always,
Mama xx


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