Daisy – Four Month Update


I have to be honest and say I was dreading month four. I found this developmental leap really tough with both your older brother and sister and I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t be able to handle meeting your extra needs as well as that of your siblings. In some ways I was right – it was a challenging month – but in others it wasn’t as bad as I expected and as always, time seemed to move too fast.
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You spent a lot of your days in the ergo this month. You needed that extra security and to be close to me. I am so thankful that I found babywearing, I’m not sure what I would have done without my ergo and wrap in these heady baby days. There was quite a bit of crying this month, and you started waking more regularly overnight, especially in the early part of the morning from 4am. I’ve had to hold on to my mantra of ‘This too shall pass” as I navigated this phase. You started moving onto your side during playtime and moving around the playmat somehow (!) so there was definite growing and learning causing your frustrations.
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But it wasn’t all bad! We started Christmas preparations at our house and you loved looking at the twinkly lights on the Christmas tree. Summer also well and truly began and I was never so grateful for having air-con in the house. Breastfeeding gets awfully slippery in hot weather! Sometimes I take for granted that breastfeeding is going so well for us Daisy, but then I remember what I went through with Hannah and I know we are lucky to be on this journey together and I am really enjoying it.
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You began smiling in reaction to your siblings more this month. A little ritual of Hannah and Blake coming into the room when you wake in the morning and piling on you with loving hugs and coos and kisses started which is so sweet. It makes my heart swell every time I see you smile at either Hannah or Blake, it’s just adorable. You also laughed for the first time… at Daddy! I love hearing yor little chuckles in our home.
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Love Mama xx


About hippyhappymama

I am a wife and a mama to 3 delicious children, Hannah (31-08-2008), Blake (12-10-2010) and Daisy (11/08/2013). I am in love with my family, writing, photography, travel, and all things related to active birth and natural parenting.

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