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Daisy’s 1st Birthday Yellow Polka-Dot Party!


Yes, it’s a touch cliche but I just HAD to theme Daisy’s party around her name! With sunshine yellow decorations, polka-dots everywhere and daisies in vases, our home was set to celebrate our little blossom’s 1st birthday. It was a lovely party and while Daisy seemed a bit overwhelmed to start with, she loved when everyone was singing her Happy Birthday and began clapping 🙂 She sneaked a piece of cake and we ended up doing an impromptu cake-smash as she was so excited to eat it!

The next day was Daisy’s actual birthday and as it was coincidentally a public holiday in our area, Brian had the day off. We started the day with a little photo-shoot, went out for a yummy lunch and then for a play at the park at our favourite place. Daisy enjoyed her first time on the slide and Hannah took a few lovely photos of Brian, Daisy and I. We reminisced about her birth day last year and talked about future plans with our family of five. So many blessings. So very grateful.

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At One
– Daisy has 8 teeth –
– She is crawling and pulling up but she doesn’t look to be in any hurry to learn to walk –
– She loves food and eats anything and everything –
– She is clapping, waving, high-fiving, pointing and blowing kisses –
– Her favourite things to do are find pieces of paper or tissue on the floor and scrunch them into her mouth before anyone catches her and playing peek-a-boo with Hannah and Blake –
– She is happily a breastfeeding, co-sleeping, ergo-snuggling, stick-munching, beach-exploring, car-tripping, sibling-loving, cheeky-giggling little baby –
– and we love her to pieces! –

Happy 1st Birthday Daisy Emmeline!

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Blake’s 1st Birthday Rainbow Party!


(Blake on his first birthday 12/10/11)

Blake turned 1 on 12/10/11 and we held a RAINBOW party for him on the following Saturday surrounded by lovely family and friends. It was so much fun working with the birthday party theme and I just wish that I had had more time to make even more colourful items for the party. Here is a photo essay of the day –

Baking Preparations –

The Party –

Singing Happy Birthday! –

Cutting the CAKE! –

And then the storm came. And it HAILED! What a spectacular end to a fantastic birthday party! Some people even told me that they saw a rainbow in the sky as they drove home 🙂 –

I’ll end with a cute photo of the kiddies for good measure  😉 –

A Bubble Party


We celebrated H’s 3rd Birthday last Saturday. I had planned a bubble party theme as she LOVES bubbles at the moment. So because a picture tells a thousand words, here is a small photo essay of Hannah’s big day. We had bubbles of fun!

The Cake Table –

The Birthday Cake –

Cupcakes –

Rice Bubble Cake –

Orange and Pink Biscuits –

Bubble Wand Party Favours in the theme colours –

Hannah enjoying the bubbles –

Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ –

Blowing out the candles (her favourite part!) –

My gorgeous girl, she looks all grown up! –

The inside of the cake, pink and orange –

Blake all tuckered out –

One of the activities we had set up, Bubble Painting –

Our little family 🙂 –

I tried to tie the bubble theme together by making most foods circle shaped such as the biscuits, ham and cheese pastry rolls, chicken and salad wraps and mini quiches. And of-course the orange and pink theme colours brought it all together. It was a lovely way to celebrate my little girls big day :)!